10.66.2 for iPhone

A virtual disk drive in your pocket


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SkyDrive is an application that allows you to store tons of files in the cloud to later access, manage, and share directly from your iOS device.

Once you've installed SkyDrive on your iPhone, you'll have access to the complete storage space associated with your account, including all of the files that it already contains, available for you to administer however and whenever you like. You can do everything from view images on the cloud to upload new photographs and videos to access later from a different device.

Not only can you view your photos online, but you can view any Office files stored on your account on your device without having to download any additional programs.

SkyDrive is a very useful tool for any iPhone user without much memory on their device, since it essentially gives you access to a few extra GBs of storage that you can use however you like. Of course, you'll need to have an Internet connection to be able to access your data.
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