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SkyDrive is an app that lets its users store tons of files on the cloud so they can then access, manage, or share them directly from their android device.

Once SkyDrive is installed on your mobile phone, you'll have all of the contents from your SkyDrive account, available for you to manage however you want. You can do anything from watching the images you've already uploaded to the cloud, to quickly uploading new photos and videos so you can access them later (both from your device and your computer).

Plus, you won’t only be able to see your photographs online, but all of your office files which you've stored on your account will also be available for you to view directly from your device, without having to download anything.

SkyDrive is a very useful tool for any user who has an Android device with limited memory, as it basically gives you a few GB of extra storage space which you can use however you want. You do, however, require an internet connection to be able to access them.