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A virtual hard drive


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OneDrive is an application that will allow you to save a lot of your files on the cloud to be able to access them later, manage them, download them, or share them directly from any terminal.

Once you install OneDrive on your computer you will have a limit on your account (7GB by default, 25GB if you already have Skydrive), with all the files that you upload, completely available so you can manage them how you want. You will be able to see the pictures that have already been uploaded by you through the program, and also upload any document or files that are important to be able to access them through any computer.

Also, not only will you be able to see your pictures online, but all of your files that you have on Office that you have uploaded on the cloud you will be able to see them directly without having to install anything.

Adding files to your account is so simple like dragging them from a window, also being able to organize them this way to always have them close by.

OneDrive is a tool that is truly useful for any user, it basically adds a couple GB to your computer, from which you will be able to access from any place at any time. The cloud is always available to you!
By Álvaro Toledo